Pure Sales - Pure Rentals Property Management

Being a specialist property management agency has its advantages. Our investors come to us for exceptional service because we do one thing, and do it well.

While we wish to remain a specialist property management company, we have had a number of our owners approach us to sell their investment property. Initially we did not have a sales division and we were referring our owners to local agents.

We have found that this does not help to improve our brand and often, if the property is purchased by an investor, they request the sales agency to manage their property because of their new relationship.  So after much consideration, we launched Pure Sales.

We estimate that approximately 6%-10% of our current investors will sell their investment property this year. In order to provide exceptional service to our investors, we hired one of our referring agents to work directly with our owners to maximise their sale price.

Pure Sales is about providing further services under our brand, while maintaining our core belief that the use of today’s technology can drive change in the way that real estate fees are structured.

Check us out at www.purepropertysales.com.au. More Selling, Less Prospecting