Changing Property Managers - Pure Rentals Property Management

Once you have contacted us about the Changeover.

We do the rest

We will call and email your current agent and give them the required Notice (depending on your current agreement) and ask for the required paperwork and keys.


You will have 2 options going forward

Option 1 –  Wait for the notice period to finish and we will then arrange to pick up the paperwork and keys from your old agent.

Option 2 – Pay out the current agents management fees and come across now.

If you choose Option 2, we will manage the property for free so you are not paying two management fees.



The most important part of the changeover is informing the tenants.

Once we have the details of the tenants from the paperwork, we will inform your tenants via email and phone and send them a welcome pack in the post.

We do all the work and make this process as easy as possible for you and your tenants.


Frequently asked questions about changing Property Managers


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