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Click here to download the RTA Notice of Intention to Leave Form 13

Moving On…If you’ve decided you wish to leave your rental property, there are a few things to consider.

Leaving before a lease has expired

If you wish to end your tenancy before your lease has expired, you are required to give your property manager at least two weeks written notice before you vacate. It is best to fill out a Form 13 Notice of Intention To Leave – this form can be downloaded from the Residential Tenancies Authority website. You will also be required to pay rent until a new tenant is secured, or your lease concludes as agreed – whichever comes first. You will also be required to pay a Re-letting fee, which is a weeks rent + GST. The property manager may also require you to pay the re-advertisement fee, but this will be discussed with you.

Leaving at the conclusion of your lease

If you choose to vacate at the end of your lease, you are required to submit your Form 13 Notice of Intention to Leave two weeks prior to the end of your lease. The property will need to be cleaned to standard and your property manager will organise the refund of your bond.

Vacating the Property

When it comes time to vacate your actual property, follow these tips to ensure a smooth move, and that you get your full bond back:

  • Arrange for removalists, or mates, to help you move all furniture and items from the property at least a day before your vacate date. This will give you ample time to clean the property.
  • Arrange for carpet cleaners and pest control, if you have a pet, for the afternoon of your move out day, to give yourself plenty of cleaning time.
  • When you clean, think about how you would like a property to be when you move in. Clean the shower, toilets, oven, stovetop, range-hood filter, and dishwasher. Remove marks from walls, dust and clean air conditioners, fans, light fittings, windows, screens and be sure to wash the floors.
  • Finally, review your entry condition report to make sure the property is as it was when you first moved in. If something did happen, tell your property manager. Honesty before you move out will make it easier to rectify quickly, ensuring a good experience for both yourself and Pure Rentals.

Other Helpful Information Regarding Vacating