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Pure Rentals receives the applications for your property and completes all the checks to ensure that the applicants are financially able to pay rent and conducts background checks by contacting their references and previous rental agents. Once the applications are processed, they are presented to you for you to decide which tenant is right for your property.

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Got a great email the other day from one of my owners who posted a great testimonial on an investment forum.

We settled at 4:15 yesterday and 24 hours later (today) our amazing Property Manager, Russell Peter (Pure Rentals with one flat rate), signed up a tenant for a 12 month lease (at this point may be extended to 14 months) at top rent – he is the most on the ball, proactive, ethical Property Manager I have ever met – brilliant customer service as well (he did the same for us with our recent settlement on a Bulimba apartment. Read More

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Owners sometimes ask me how do you find the best tenant for my property.

My response is to get the marketing right.

Right photos, script and price and you should get good numbers to the opens.  Good numbers to the opens translates into more applications. Better choices of tenants  equals better tenants in your property.

All of Pure rentals properties have a minimum standard of marketing of professional photos and scripts and conducting open for inspections regularly.

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