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Many agencies have a 30 – 90 day exit clause in their management agreements. You can choose to continue the management for the duration of the contract, or you can pay out your contract through your final rental disbursement with the agency and Pure Rentals will manage your property for free for that period so that you are not out of pocket.

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Pure Rentals makes it easy to change agents. Simply organise a time for us to come to you to sign a Form 6 – Appointment of Property Agent, and then we do the rest.

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Question – What is the best way to tell my current Property Manager that we will be changing over to Pure Rentals?

Answer – 

Option 1 –  You can talk to your agent and tell them why you are changing and give them feedback on the issues you have had with them. This feedback is best done in writing. 

By providing the feedback in writing and advising of the reasons for changing, this may help in reducing the 90 day management fees that agencies force you to pay.

Option 2 – After signing a Form 6 Appointment of Property Agent with Pure Rentals, we will contact your current agent and give the notice required. 

Side Note

With the 90 days Notice – Pure Rentals have a service guarantee that if an owner is unhappy with the service we will release them with 7 days’ notice, and no charge of fees.

We will also manage your property for free for the 90 days so you are not out of pocket for changing agencies. 

When signing any management agreement, please check the notice you require to give on page two of the agreement. We suggest striking out the 90 days and amending it with the minimum 30 days. 

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With terminating a management agreement when a property is vacant.

The Office of Fair Trade will tell you that you can’t have 2 management agreements running at the same time as both agents are entitled to their fees.

If the property is vacant, you can change at any time but the current agent is allowed to charge you for the management fees for the 90days.

90 days of rent when the property is vacant is zero. Only 5% of the management fees are for rent collection and if the agent pushes he is entitled to 90 days at the commission charged that is not rental collection fees.

I have only had to pay this out twice in the past 3 years but it does happen.

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