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Many agencies have a 30 – 90 day exit clause in their management agreements. You can choose to continue the management for the duration of the contract, or you can pay out your contract through your final rental disbursement with the agency and Pure Rentals will manage your property for free for that period so that you are not out of pocket.

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Pure Rentals does weekly disbursements. Your rental money is more useful to you in your bank account than it is sitting in our trust account.

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The annual fee is calculated per week, and the management fees are paid out of the weekly Rental Disbursement. If your property is vacant or the tenants are not paying rent there is no charge

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Got a great email the other day from one of my owners who posted a great testimonial on an investment forum.

We settled at 4:15 yesterday and 24 hours later (today) our amazing Property Manager, Russell Peter (Pure Rentals with one flat rate), signed up a tenant for a 12 month lease (at this point may be extended to 14 months) at top rent – he is the most on the ball, proactive, ethical Property Manager I have ever met – brilliant customer service as well (he did the same for us with our recent settlement on a Bulimba apartment. Read More

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With terminating a management agreement when a property is vacant.

The Office of Fair Trade will tell you that you can’t have 2 management agreements running at the same time as both agents are entitled to their fees.

If the property is vacant, you can change at any time but the current agent is allowed to charge you for the management fees for the 90days.

90 days of rent when the property is vacant is zero. Only 5% of the management fees are for rent collection and if the agent pushes he is entitled to 90 days at the commission charged that is not rental collection fees.

I have only had to pay this out twice in the past 3 years but it does happen.

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