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Marketing for the Best Tenant at the Highest Price

To attract the best tenant for your property, the first thing we need to get right is the marketing. 99% of tenants find your property at, or other websites.
This is why Pure Rentals only markets your property for rent online. Check out Our Marketing here

Property Photos

A prospective tenant will not waste time viewing properties that only have one photo or poor quality photos because first impressions matter. Prospective tenants will skip over such ads to narrow down their search to 2 or 3 quality properties to inspect. Pure Rentals markets properties using only professional photos to ensure that your property is considered every time.

Property Scripts

Just as important as the photos, scripts play a significant role in a prospective tenant viewing your property. Not everything about your property can be portrayed in photos. Tenants want to know before an inspection if your property offers amenities such as air conditioning, dishwasher, fans, or a bath. They also want to know about the location, and nearby schools and shopping centres. The more information we give highlighting the property’s features, the better chances of more people turning up to the opens and applying for the property.

Pure Rentals knows how important it is to get the right tenant and has a dedicated copy writer who writes all our scripts.

Inspection Times

Pure Rentals is dedicated to finding the right tenant for your property and we have an online booking system to handle tenant enquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We conduct inspections on a Saturday and the inspections times for Saturdays are advertised online.  If the property is vacant, we will take potential tenants through the property at a time that suits them, just like sales agencies do, in order to help minimise property vacancies.  If the property is tenanted, we allocate at least one mid-week time for potential tenants to inspect the property as well as the Saturday inspection time.  Pure Rentals opens properties for 15 minutes.

Marketing Price

If the marketing is right with professional photos and a good script and the property is advertised in the right places and is being opened at least twice a week, then you should achieve maximum rental returns and limit your vacancies.

Pure Rentals

We take pride in our ability to gain the maximum price for its investors in the shortest possible time by doing all of the above. It shocks us to see some properties marketed well below market value and we find that most of these properties do not use experts in the above fields. We love the look on our owners faces when they change over to us and we not only recommend a higher rental price than its currently advertised at with the other agent but achieve that price in record time.


By doing all of the above, we increase the number of people turning up to your property giving you more options in choice of tenant. We believe that professional photography and professional scripts will help you to maximise your returns and attract the best tenants for your property.

The above services are all a part of Pure Rentals Property Management Fees. Don’t just take our word that it works; read our Testimonials from our current investors.

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