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Frequently Asked Questions for Tenants


I’ve just moved into a property. What do I need to know?

It’s important to pay careful attention to the entry condition report. Go room to room and note anything that the property manager may have overlooked. Pay careful attention to any nicks or dents in the floors and walls. Note these on the entry condition report and return the report to the office in the required time frame. You are required to leave the property in the same condition you moved into – so ask permission before hanging any pictures, installing any hooks. If it is not noted in the condition report you may be asked to pay for repairs.

What are my responsibilities as a tenant?

As a tenant you are required to pay your rent on time. You are also required to keep the property in clean, working order and pursuant to the terms of your lease you may also be required to maintain the gardens (if any) at the property. You are also required to adhere to the terms of your lease and be mindful of your neighbours. It should be noted that it is illegal to run a business from a rental property. This can be discussed further with your property manager if clarification is required.

How many keys will I be given when I move in to a property?

You will be given an entry key for each tenant approved to reside in the property. You will also be given a full set of keys for each lock in the property. If you require extra copies, it is your responsibility to copy them, however these will need to be returned to the property manager at the conclusion of your tenancy.

I want my friend to move in with me. What do I do?

Any additional tenants need to be approved by the property manager and owner. Having an unapproved tenant can be grounds for eviction. For more information, click here

How much notice will the property manager give me before an inspection?

The property manager is required by law to give you 48 hours notice before a general inspection. They will issue you an entry notice – written notice of their intention to enter the premises and specifying a two hour entry period. 

My lease is about to expire, how do I know if I am eligible to continue the lease or not?

The owner decides whether they would like to renew your tenancy.

What is the process for rental increases?

Part of the lease renewal process is to assess the current rent of the property, and see whether it is in line with the current market value of similar properties in the area. The property manager will provide a report of our findings to the owner, and the owner will decide what they would like to offer the tenants from there. If there is a rental increase, the property manager will let you know. A rental increase will either be from the start of your new lease, or with 2 months’ notice of the increase starting date.

I would like to renew my lease, do I need to pay for a new bond?

No, as long as you are renewing tenancies, the bond remains at the RTA. If you are vacating the property, the process of Bond refund will take place after your vacate date.

If my lease is about to expire, do I need to arrange for professional cleaning even though I would like  to continue the lease?

Professional cleaning is up to you, but not necessary if you are renewing your lease. Routine reports do go back to the owner, and are part of the decision making process as to whether the owner offers a lease renewal.

If you are required to vacate, it is up to you if you wish to arrange professional cleaning. Pure Rentals recommend professional cleaning for vacating tenants as cleaners can generate an excellent cleaning standard to return the property to entry condition, and makes it easier for tenants to focus on their moving process.

What if I need to speak to someone regarding the property other than my property manager?

The Residential Tenancy Authority is the best resource available to tenants. They can help to initiate dispute resolutions if there is a serious communication issue between tenants and property managers. Information regarding your tenancy and contact information for the RTA can be found on their website – www.rta.qld.gov.au