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A giant pumpkin scone? A 100 metre high statue of Wally Lewis? If these are the ideas of Brisbane’s world landmark let’s hope  they keep brainstorming.

I think it’s important that Brisbane has something that can be identified on an international scale.

By showcasing the landmark in one of Brisbane’s more popular areas, like Kangaroo Point, New Farm Park, South Bank  precinct, or even somewhere in Brisbane city, this could really make a statement to not only Australia, but the world.

Many people thought that Brisbane does not require a landmark, that the Story Bridge, Gabba stadium, and Kangaroo Point  cliffs were iconic enough to represent our city.

However, if we do decide to build a landmark, let’s hope that we do not represent this city with something as ridiculous as  some of the more extreme suggestions from this article.  (OK, maybe the glass pineapple wouldn’t be so bad.)   http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/sydney-has-the-opera-house-paris-has-the-eiffel-tower-london-has-big-ben-so-what8217s-the-icon-in-brisbane/story-fnihsrf2-1226724464920

What do you think should be our landmark and where should it be put?

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