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It seems there are plans to build a 5.3 hectare precinct in West End. This will include apartments, shops, and parks. This undoubtedly will bring increased work and interest in the area, and as well as having the convenience of the CBD, this development is a good investment.

However, what will this do to West End during the construction? As it is planned to take 2 years to build, along with the immense size of the build, this would considerably disrupt the daily lives of the local residents, local workers and visitors.

This could also bring further congestion to our already heavily trafficked bridges and roads. Have you tried to get across the river at 5pm lately?

What do you think? Read the full article here: m.couriermail.com.au/business/west-end-to-get-new-lifestyle-precinct-with-pradella8217s-1b-riverside-development/story-fnihsps3-1226718838849

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